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Genetic Testing

Engineering A Healthier You

Like the structure of a building, your DNA builds who you are. Just as it’s possible to remodel a building to make it stronger and sturdier, it’s also possible to influence your genetic code to make you healthier, stronger, and better. At Forum Health in Akron, OH, we have a variety of therapies that do just that.

The innovative field of epigenetics — which literally means “ above” or “ on top of” genetics — has proven that is possible to reengineer the way many of your important genes are expressed. In fact, hundreds of common conditions are influenced by properly regulating your genetic expression, including fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, depression, thyroid disease, diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The process

When you visit our Akron clinic, we first analyze your DNA through a sample of your saliva, which gives us your personal genetic blueprint. We then utilize our highly advanced software program to evaluate your DNA and what this blueprint means for you.

These results provide a powerful treatment tool, decoding your genetic strengths and weaknesses and giving us an amazing ability to personalize your treatment. For example, if you are genetically more predisposed to prostate cancer or heart disease, we will be aggressive in testing and treating those conditions. We customize your therapy based on your DNA, keeping you in long-term optimal health.

Understanding your genes

Maybe you always assumed you were like your dad. Through genetic analysis, we can now tell exactly how much you are like your mom and dad, and what that means for your health and your future.

You inherit specific SNPs (Single nucleotide polymorphisms) — or gene segments — from your parents. SNPs influence a variety of traits such as appearance, disease susceptibility, response to drugs, and the way you utilize and metabolize specific nutrients. Understanding what SNPs you carry is an important step in understanding your body’s innate strengths and weaknesses. For many of the undesirable SNPs, we have the ability to influence the way your metabolism functions by prescribing specific therapies that will correct the process.

When we understand your genetic code and the defects that are inherent within it, we can give you supplementation that makes unwanted symptoms disappear forever.


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Note: Ohio requires patients to be seen in-office once per year.

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