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Functional Genomic Analysis

If you have been struggling to find answers and have “tried everything” without getting results, Forum Health Akron can help.  It’s time to to look into your genes and how they are expressing.

How it Works


Gathering a health history is key to collecting valuable clues to why symptoms are manifesting. This is an important step in learning about the way the individual's genes are expressing.

Lab Results
& Pathogen Burden

The other part of genetic expression is identifying things which can trigger an immune or inflammation response. These triggers send signals to our genes and can lead to an imbalance or overburdened pathway. It is an often overlooked set of clues!


We all have variants, thousands of them! They are our building blocks that our body uses to respond to the environment. It is a bi-directional relationship between our genes and things which influence our genes - from diet, lifestyle, toxins, and pathogens.

Genetic Testing

We offer genetic testing in Akron, Ohio for a variety of conditions. Genetic alterations, or SNPs, can cause your enzymes to work faster or slower than normal. This could cause you to not get rid of hormones or toxins correctly. Genetic alterations could also put you at risk for certain diseases. With a genetic evaluation, we feel it doesn’t tell you how you are going to die, but rather how to live!

What is MTHFR?

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Functional Genomic Analysis Options


This uses your raw data from previous testing company
$ 397
  • 60-minute Consultation
  • 40+ Page Genomic Report
  • 4-5 Page Customized Nutrigenomic Strategy Report
  • 30-days of access to practitioner including an additional follow-up consult
  • Access to discounted supplements


This includes genetic testing
$ 697
  • Functional Genetic Test - reports 20,000+ snps
  • 60-minute Consultation
  • 60+ Page Genomic Report
  • 4-5 Page Customized Nutrigenomic Strategy Report
  • 30-days of access to practitioner including an additional follow-up consult
  • Access to discounted supplements

Gene Testing FAQ

  1. Choose your Package Above – Schedule 10-minute call to get set up in Genomic Portal and purchase your package
  2. Access Your Genomic Client Portal and Complete Your Symptoms Survey – You will receive an invite after payment has been confirmed
  3. Share Pertinent Labs
  4. Register Your Kit When You Receive It and Submit Your Sample (only if using FGA option, otherwise skip to step 5 if using 23&me or Ancestry)
  5. Schedule Your 60-minute Consult HERE to Review Your Results and Create a Personalized Health Strategy
  6. Implement Your New Strategies!

Once the lab receives your kit it takes approximately 6 weeks to get your results.  Sometimes as soon as 4 weeks and sometimes as long as 8 weeks.  We will notify you as soon as results are in.

YES! We can use either 23&me or raw data. It is important to note that the version 5 of 23&me has significantly fewer SNPs reported than their previous version so you may be missing some key SNP information.

We offer both.  The cheek swab option does cost $25 more and is recommended for children or those who have difficulty producing saliva.

YES!  The genetic SNPs such as CYP 1B1, COMT, GSS, MTHFR, and others related to methlyation, detox, and female hormone pathways are included in the review.


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