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Anxiety Treatment in Akron

Often caused by stress or life changes, anxiety can lead to excessive worrying, agitation, and concentration issues.

Chronic anxiety can be debilitating unless you have a partner to help you discover the root causes.

An imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain can make you more susceptible to anxiety. We explore every possibility to discover the specific reason, then treat the condition.

Our goal is to set you on a path to feeling more settled so you can live a happy and productive life.

Anxiety can be caused by an imbalance between many hormones. Estrogen out of balance with progesterone can cause anxiety. Also, elevated levels of cortisol can also contribute to anxiety. Many people have genetic alterations that affect the way their body gets rid of neurotransmitters, thus leaving them with too many excitatory chemicals and not enough calming. Testing these levels can help target treatment at the cause.

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Do you feel anxious during the day? 

Watch video below for techniques you can use in the moment if you ever feel yourself getting anxious…

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