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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Akron

It can be difficult to determine the cause of the common functional gastrointestinal disorder known as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

But we do know that while the condition is physical, stress and other emotional factors can exacerbate symptoms.

We’ll examine your health and medical history to guide treatment, then we’ll work to relieve symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

Gut Dysfunction Including SIBO and Irritable Bowel

Gastrointestinal disorders are becoming more common due to the overuse of NSAIDS and proton pump inhibitors (Acid blockers). We use a specialized stool test that can detect whether you have enough stomach acid, if you are digesting your food, and what kind of bacteria you have in your gut. Often we find too much or too little bacteria that can cause symptoms. We also test for SIBO with a breath test and are able to prescribe the proper treatment plan.

Have you heard of SIBO?  What are the symptoms? Watch video below !

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