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Welcome to the Team Elizabeth Novy, APRN-CNP, MSCP, NC-BC, NBC-HWC

We’re thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our clinic, Elizabeth Novy, APRN-CNP, MSCP, NC-BC, NBC-HWC. Liz Novy is a highly skilled nurse practitioner with extensive experience in functional medicine and health and wellness coaching.  

Liz’s journey into healthcare was catalyzed by personal and professional experiences, including navigating her own health challenges and the loss of a family member to cancer. Motivated by a desire to effect meaningful change, she transitioned from a career in interior design to pursue nursing, ultimately earning a Master of Science in Nursing from Ohio State University.  

Drawing upon a diverse background that encompasses roles as a medical education specialist with Genova Diagnostics and extensive training in functional and integrative medicine, Liz brings a unique skill set to our practice. As a Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP) from The Menopause Society, she is well-equipped to provide expert, compassionate care to women navigating menopause-related issues, aiming to enhance their overall well-being.  

In addition to her clinical practice, Liz is deeply committed to education and advocacy. Leveraging her expertise, she actively participates in health and wellness coaching programs, where she strives to make complex health information accessible and actionable for individuals seeking to optimize their health. 

We’re excited to have Liz join our team and are confident that her expertise will be invaluable in supporting our patients’ health journeys. Join Dr. Tara Scott as she welcomes Liz in a special video presentation below.  



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